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# Introduction

Creating an account with CampaignPRO is easy, completely free and does not require credit cards or any long term commitments.

You also get 14 days of free trial on any of our subscription plans. You can try out our service completely free of charge. Cancel anytime before the trial end.


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Fill in all fields with your user information and click the Register button to create your user account.

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# Next steps

Once you've successfully created your account you'll need to activate it and confirm your e-mail address.

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# Troubleshooting

Here's a list of common issues you might encounter and their solutions.

One of the most common reasons why you're not receiving e-mails from us is that your e-mail provider might be marking them as spam.

If you worry this could be the case, make sure to check your spam folder, mark e-mails as "not-spam", and possibly whitelist [email protected], if your provider supports it.

If you're still not receiving any e-mails from us after more than 30 minutes, contact us directly at: [email protected].

Some e-mail providers might strip URLs and make links non-clickable. If this is the case for you, you can manually copy the URL and paste it into your browser's address bar to open it.

If you experience a problem not covered by the list you can always reach us at: [email protected].