# Checkout

# Introduction

Once you've selected & configured your subscription plan you'll be redirected to the order checkout page where you'll pick a payment method and review your purchase.

# Checkout

If you have a coupon code be sure to type it in and click the green checkmark button to apply it to your purchase. If the code is valid a discount will be applied and reflected in the overview box on the right.

# Credit/Debit Card

If you want to pay using a credit/debit card you don't have to do anything further as it is the payment method selected by default.

Review your purchase total and click Checkout. You'll be redirected to a secure page powered by Stripe where you'll need to enter your credit/debit card details and complete your purchase.

# Bank Transfer

If you want to pay using a bank transfer you'll need to click on Bank Transfer to change the payment method.

Review your purchase total and click Checkout. Your subscription plan will be activated immediately and an invoice will be issued for you to pay via bank transfer.

If you are eligible for a trial period, the invoice will be empty and automatically marked as paid. A new, proper, invoice will be issued at the end of the trial period instead.

# Troubleshooting

Here's a list of common issues you might encounter and their solutions.

Since we use Stripe to process online payments, we are limited to a few supported currencies. If you need to use a different one you can use the Bank Transfer payment method instead.

Your bank can convert your transaction from your account's currency into the currency of the invoice (whichever one you chose).

Consult with your bank about any additional charges and the currency conversion rate.

It is possible for a Stripe online payment to fail in some rare cases.

Depending on whether the issue was with Stripe or with your bank account, you may simply be able to retry your purchase.

In very rare occasions you may see a cancelled subscription with a corresponding uncollectible invoice instead. This could prevent you from starting a trial period as only accounts with no prior subscriptions are eligible.

If this happens, contact us at: [email protected]. We'll review your case and help reinstate your trial / subscription plan.

If you experience a problem not covered by the list you can always reach us at: [email protected].