# Grace Periods

# Introduction

All subscription related operations have various grace periods giving you sufficient time to react.

Below is a list of the different conditions and their respective grace periods.

# Purchases

# Via credit/debit card


Purchasing a subscription plan via credit/debit card has no grace period and happens instantly. If the payment is accepted, the plan is activated. If the payment is rejected, the subscription plan is not created.

# Via bank transfer

7 days

Purchasing a subscription plan via bank transfer activates the subscription immediately and generates an invoice to be paid manually within 7 days. Failing to pay the invoice will cancel the subscription automatically.

# Recurrent payments

# Via credit/debit card

23 hours

We charge your credit/debit card automatically at the start of each billing cycle. If the payment is rejected we'll continue trying at various intervals for the next 23 hours.

If the payment cannot be processed within 23 hours, your subscription will be automatically marked as expired (cancelled).

# Via bank transfer

7 days

We issue invoices to be paid by bank transfer at the start of each billing cycle. You'll have 7 days to pay each such invoice.

If the payment is not received within 7 days, your subscription will be automatically marked as expired (cancelled).

# Administration


Administrating / managing your resources (such as Mautic instances) in the context of services we provide is restricted immediately once your active subscription expires or gets cancelled.

This means that, for example, you will not be able to create or request additional resources until you reinstate your subscription plan.

You will still be able to perform actions which do not generate additional cost to our infrastructure, such as exporting, renaming, deleting etc.

# Resources

14 days

Any resources (such as Mautic instances) you have created within an active subscription will be kept active and running for 14 days after the subscription plan expires or gets cancelled.

Failing to reinstate your subscription plan after 14 days will result in the resources being suspended and deleted.

# Backups

Resource's lifetime

We create backups of user resources at regular intervals and can reinstate them or roll them back at a previous point in time upon request.

That being said we cannot guarantee any specific retention period beyond the resource's lifetime as backups are intended as means of reverting from a broken state, and not as long term storage.