# Export

# Introduction

An export migration is the process of exporting Mautic resources from an instance into a downloadable ZIP archive.

The instance you export from is referred as the source and the archive file you export to is the target.

# Export

To export resources click on Migration in the navigation menu on the left, click Export and then click on the Create Export button in the top right corner of the page.

Select the source instance you want to export from, the resource types you want to export and then click Create.

A new entry will be added to the table where you can track its progress.

# Retry

If the migration fails you can click on the gearbox icon next to it and click on Retry to re-run it. If it fails again you should consider reaching out to: [email protected].

# Download

Once the migration completes successfully you can download the generated archive by clicking the gearbox icon next to the migration, and then clicking Download.

# Delete

Once the migration completes and you no longer need it, delete it by clicking the gearbox icon next to it and click on Delete.